led bulb environment

By using lamps with energylabel A++, A+ and A you will save money on your energy bill. The power consumption for lighting can then split in half by replacing your old halogen and incandescent lamps for LED lamps.

Lamps and luminaires should come with an energy label, indicating their energy efficiency on a scale from A++ (most efficient) to E (least efficient):

Energy class

Lamp technology

A++ LED lamps
A+ LED lamps
A Compact fluorescent lamps with bare tubes
A-B Compact fluorescent lamps with bulb-shaped cover
B Halogen lamps with infrared coating
C Halogen lamps with xenon gas filling 230V
C Conventional halogen lamps at 12-24V
D-F Conventional halogen lamps at 230V
E-G Incandescent light bulbs

High voltage halogen bulbs are slowly disappearing from the European market. The reason is that they are consuming too much power. On September 1st 2018 the next and last stage of Regulation (EC) No 244/2009 will take effect. From then on mains voltage halogen non-directional lamps will not fulfil EU eco-design requirements. Therefore they can no longer be placed on the market. The remaining stocks continue to be sold and used. They usually have a E27 and E14 socket and works with a mains voltage of 230 volts. Exempted are halogen R7s linear lamps and G halogen capsules.

Energy label