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GE CMH-TT 150W/830 UVC O E40 (ConstantColor)

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Buy the GE CMH-TT 150W/830 UVC O E40 (ConstantColor) simply and quickly at Any-Lamp! Be sure to also look into our quantity discounts; you can easily check whether or not these discounts apply to your order by referring to the table found at the top of this page.


The GE CMH-TT 150W/830 UVC O E40 (ConstantColor) is a compact gas-discharge lamp with a high light output. The colour will be stable and consistent throughout the lamp’s entire lifetime. The GE CMH-TT 150W/830 UVC O E40 (ConstantColor) comes equipped with an easy-to-use E40 socket, which is the best alternative to quartz lamps. This lamp has a very high light output, is hugely efficient and will end up lowering your replacement costs because of its long lifetime. With an average lifetime of 15,000 hours, burning 3 hours per day, this lamp will last you 14 years. That’s an enormous amount of years during which you will not have to replace your lamps! Think about all the money you could be saving!

Field of application

GE CMH-TT 150W/830 UVC O E40 (ConstantColor) gas-discharge lamps have a good colour rendering index of 80-89 Ra. These lamp give of a warm light (3000K), and the built-in UV filter ensures that your heat-sensitive objects will not lose their colour.


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