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LED Driver 24V DCX 30W Dimmable

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Specifications LED Driver 24V DCX 30W Dimmable

Description LED Driver 24V DCX 30W Dimmable

The LED DRIVER 24V DC 30W Dimmable is unique to Any-Lamp! Our home brand products are great quality and still lowly priced. You also get the fantastic scales of discount on your orders too! Contact us to find out more.

LED Driver 24V DC 30W Dimmable Specs

The driver is desgined for the LED Strips and is provided with strain relief meaning that the cables disconnect when there is tension placed on them. This prevents damage to the driver.

Whether the LED Strip you are using has been made smaller or not, it still fits this LED Driver.

The main advantage of this particular product is, as the name suggests, you are able to dim your LED Strips, therefore you can create the perfect style to suit your needs.

LED Driver 24V DC 30W Dimmable

You can use the LED Driver 24V DC 30W Dimmable in many places such as accent and decorative lighting. Most commonly they are found in combination with  home light applications such as, in a bookcase, under the bed or around picture frames. They are also used in shops, public spaces, lobbies and offices. 


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