LED Fixtures

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Characteristics and advantages 

LED is a new form of lighting technology that used semi conductors instead of a filament. This allow the light to be displayed in a variety of styles of fixtures and in a wide spectrum of colours.

The advantages of LED include:  

  • Long lifespan: Most product are 10,000 hours plus (depending on product) 
  • Energy efficient: 80% less energy than Incandescent lamps 
  • Environmentally friendly: No use of gases or metals
  • Durable and robust: Made out of strong metals like stainless steel so dont require any maintenance.
  • Good color index (80Ra) – to represent true colors
  • Many different shapes and colors of the lamp 

The Range 

Below you can see an overview of the LED fixture products that we sell here at Any-Lamp. We stock products from leading manufacturers such as Philips and SLV
  • LED Panels: Mainly made for surface mounting in the ceiling, long life 40000 hours, good colour rendering index up to 80Ra, IP protection of 40
  • LED Downlights: Mounted into the ceiling, stylish designs, different shapes and colour temperatures, mainly used in households
  • LED Spots: Ceiling or wall lights, used in businesses or at home, some already have a driver included (info can be found on product page) 
  • Other LED Wall lights: We offer two brands Philips and SLV, for offices or at home, practical rectangular and circular shape options
  • Other LED Ceiling lights: Different beam angels (narrow – very wide), dimmable or not dimmable, available in different colours and shapes
  • Other LED Ground lights: Only SLV, very robust (stainless steel, anodized aluminum) , different colour temperatures (warm-cold)
  • LED Floor and Table Lamps: Philips Friends of HUE, many different shapes and colours, mostly for decoration purposes
  • LED Outdoor: Philips and SLV, ceiling recessed fixtures for offices or homes, dimmable, in 3000 and 4000K
  • LED Strips: Philips, SLV, Linden; can put them everywhere even in places with very little space, available in different colors, flexible
Philips Hue

We also stock the new and innovation lighting technology of Philips Hue. Philips Hue uses LED lighting to create an experience in your home. They have sleek modern design and over 16 million different light combinations; allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in your home. Philips Hue works with your WiFi system: simply download the free app and control the light through your smartphone or tablet!

You can find Hue products in our Floor and Table, LED strips and Philips Hue categories. 

Please note: These lights have a European plug and will therefore need to be used with an adapter in the UK. Philips Hue cannot be used in the USA due to the voltage difference. 


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