Noxion LED Floodlights

Outdoor lighting for architecture, construction sites, parks and billboards has typically been fulfilled by traditional HPI/HQI floodlight fixtures which output a substantial amount of light while retaining the durability necessary in order to withstand dirty and wet conditions. At the same time, these lamps operate at very high wattages and have a high replacement cost, and over time the cost of maintaining traditional floodlights begins to mount up. Premium quality lighting manufacturer Noxion recognised the need for a sustainable form of outdoor lighting which won’t cost the earth to run, but will continue to perform at the required light levels. Enter the Noxion LED Floodlight Beam. This LED floodlight is water-, dust- and vandal-proof, has an average lifetime of 50,000 hours and an unbelievable efficiency of 100 lumens per watt. Available in the equivalent to a 100w, 250w, and 400w HQI lamps, they consume a fraction of the wattage and will continue to provide strong, crisp LED light year after year.

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  • Noxion LED Floodlight Beam 120W

    • in stock 120 Watt | 840
    Starting at: €275.95 excl VAT
  • Noxion LED Floodlight Beam 80W

    • in stock 80 Watt | 840
    Starting at: €220.95 excl VAT
  • Noxion LED Floodlight Beam 40W

    • in stock 40 Watt | 840
    Starting at: €165.95 excl VAT

3 Item(s)

3 products

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