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Noxion LED Highbay Pro HACCP 200W 24000lm 90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 400W

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Specifications Noxion LED Highbay Pro HACCP 200W 24000lm 90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 400W

Description Noxion LED Highbay Pro HACCP 200W 24000lm 90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 400W

Noxion LED Highbay Pro HACCP


  • Energy saving up to 50%
  • Long lifetime with warranty
  • Beam angle of 90º
  • Dimmable
  • High IP rating
  • High IK rating
  • ProClean design
  • Cool white light

Energy saving up to 50%

Replacing a HID or HQL gas discharge lamp with these LED high bays will save you up to 50% energy. This LED high bay is an energy label A++ product, which means that it is very energy efficient. It uses 200W and replaces a conventional fixture of 400W.

Long lifetime with warranty

The very long lifetime of 80.000 hours is a proof of the excellent quality of this product. In a working environment, this light will be used 10 hours a day, five days a week. This is 2600 hours per year. In this scenario, the light can be used over 30 years! The first five years after purchase, you receive Any-Lamp All-in warranty.

Beam angle of 90º

With a beam angle of 90º, this product directs light in the direction you need: downwards. This is extra energy effeciënt.


This fixture is dimmable on a 1-10V dimmer. This can result in extra energy saving, because a dimmed light uses less energy.

High IP rating

An IP rating of 66 means that this fixture is suitable to be used outside. The fixture has the highest protection for liquids, as water, and solids, as dust.

High IK rating

The IK rating indicated how well a fixture is protected to shocks or vandalism. An IK rating of 10 is the highest possible. This fixture isn’t easily broken, even if it gets a shock.

ProClean design

This fixture has a ProClean design. Which means that it is dust proof. The unique design ensures no dust settles on the luminaire, which makes maintenance unnecessary.

Cool white light

The cool white light of this high bay is mostly used in industry, warehouses, gas stations or supermarkets.


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