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Noxion LED Spot Ember IP65

€35.56 €29.40
+ € 0.36 Ecotax
Dispatch: 7th of August
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€35.56 €29.40
+ € 0.36 Ecotax
Dispatch: 7th of August
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  • Complies to all European directives
  • UGR of <15
  • Highest CRI
  • Energysavings up to 85%
  • Long lifetime with warranty
  • Slim design
  • Warm white light

Complies to all European directives

This Noxion LED Spot is a recessed spotlight with an integrated LED module, an energy-friendly solution to replace the replace halogen-based fixtures. The product complies with all European directives, as described in EN-12464-1.

UGR of <15

The spot has a low blindness of UGR <15, so the light does not come right in your eyes and you will not be blinded. That guarantees visual comfort. The fixture can be used in retail, general areas, hotels, canteens and hallways. This fixture has a color rendering of CRI> 90, which brings colors to life.

Highest CRI

Best colour rendering means that the light of this light source shows colours as they truly are. The light doesn't affect the way we see colours. CRI means Colour Rendering Index. The CRI of this light source is <90.

Energysavings up to 85%

By replacing your current conventional fixture with 65W halogen lamps with this 6W LED spot, you will immediately save 85% on your energy costs.

Long lifetime with warranty

The premium LED chips in this fixture have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This means that the life span approximately 15 years in an average business environment. Noxion provides 5 years of warranty on this lifetime.

Slim design

This fixture has a very slim design. This comes in handy when installing it, it fits in most types of ceilings.

Warm white light

The fixture has the same light color as halogen lamps, namely 2700 Kelvin (very warm white) and it's dimmable. Switching to an energy-friendly solution is easy!