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Osram Halopar 16 64826 50W GZ10

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Specifications Osram Halopar 16 64826 50W GZ10

Description Osram Halopar 16 64826 50W GZ10

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Presentation Osram HALOPAR 16 64826 50W GZ10

The OSRAM HALOPAR 16 GU10/GZ10  are halogen lamps with aluminium reflector. These lamps are directly powered by the network’s voltage and do not need a transformator. All the lamps are supplied with a GZ10 socket which allow an easy installation. The diameter of these lamps is of 51mm. With a color-rendering index of 100Ra, and a color temperature of 2900K, Osram HALOPAR 16 50W GZ10 lamps have a white light of excellent quality. These lamps are available with an open beam of 35 degrees. Their average lifetime is 20000 hours, which corresponds to approximately 2 years of use . These lamps present numerous advantages: A doubled lifetime, energy savings, the possibility to dim the light and a protective UV filter.


Osram HALOPAR 16 64826 50W GZ10 lamps are mainly used in shops, stores as general enhancing or accent lighting, as well as in hotels, exhibitions, museums and houses.


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