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Osram HCI-TS RX7S (Powerball)

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Buy Osram HCI-TS (Powerstar) alternative Philips bulbs at low prices! Fast delivery on all orders. Buy quality Philips products and receive discounts on larger orders. NOW!

Please note: We do not sell the Osram HCI-TS (Powerstar). This is because we offermuch higher quality Philips products! All these lights are directly interchangable, so all you need to do is buy the higher quality Philips alternative and put it in place of your existing Osram product! Look below to find a table of replacements!

The Osram HCI-TS (Powerstar) is a double-ended compact discharge lamp with an RX7s ceramic burner than provides very stale bright light.

The Osram HCI-TS serves as an alternative for other light sources within shop lighting, and the 70W and 150W bulbs have been on the market since the 80's!

Since then, the bulb has quickly seized the market.

Using Osram HCI-TS Bulbs

These bulbs are excellent for use in shop lighting, and the relatively low Wattage of the Osram HCI-TS 70W makes it especially suitable for accent and display lighting.


  • High light output
  • Choice of light colour - available in NDL (neutral-white dulux) and WDL (warm-white dulux)
  • Lifespan of 16,000 hours on average

Philips Alternative

In 1995 Philips introduced their own Philips CDM-TD ceramic models that are the perfect replacement for old Osram HCI-TS bulbs:

Osram HCI-TS 70W WDL = Philips CDM-TD 70W 830 RX7s
Osram HCI-TS 70W NDL = Philips CDM-TD 70W 942 RX7s
Osram HCI-TS 150W WDL = Philips CDM-TD 150W 830 RX7s
Osram HCI-TS 150W NDL = Philips CDM-TD 150W 942 Rx7s

Click on the desired bulb in the table to go to that product!

Buying Tips:

The Philips CDM-TD series have a higher light output; the light colour is more stable; and they have a longer life.

The Philips CDM-TD bulbs and directly interchangeable with the Osram HCI-TS bulbs.