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Osram Parathom Advanced Retrofit Classic E27 A | Dimmable

Description Osram Parathom Advanced Retrofit Classic E27 A | Dimmable

The Osram Parathom Advanced Retrofit Classic E27 is a dimmable lamp which has LED technology. This range of products has 40W and 60W substitutes. Besides, you have variants with LED filament or matt. So that as far as you’re concerned you can choose LED filament for decorative purposes. This lamp is enlightened instantly and is eco friendly. Furthermore, this lamp does not diffuse UV or IR and neither mercury. As a results, Osram Parathom Retrofit helps to improve the ecological footprint.


  • Domestic applications
  • General illumination
  • Perfect for decorative installations


This product gives all advantages that LED technology provides. With a low energy consumption and dimmable, it’s energy savings. You have with the Osram Parathom Retrofit Classic E27 A a lifespan of 15000 hours.


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