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Osram SubstiTUBE T5 UN HO 26W 840 145cm | Cool White - Replaces 49W 

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Specifications Osram SubstiTUBE T5 UN HO 26W 840 145cm | Cool White - Replaces 49W 



  • Energy savings of 47%
  • High Output
  • Universal
  • Quick return on investment
  • Beam angle of 200º
  • Cool white - 4000K

Energy savings of 47%

This Osram SubstiTUBE T5 UN HO LED tube is the perfect replacement for a T5 fluorescent tube. It's 145 cm long and has the same G5 caps which means it can be used as a direct replacement. Energy savings of up to 47% can be realised because this LED tube only needs 26 watts to produce the same amount of light as a fluorescent tube that uses 49 watts! That's why it has the best possible energy label of A++. It's better for your wallet and the environment.

High Output

While fluorescent tubes have a typical lumen-to-watt ratio of 85, this LED tube boasts a lumen-to-watt ratio of 153 and outputs a total of 4000 lumens!


This LED tube is universal which means it can be used with fixtures that have a conventional ballast (ones with a starter) as well as ones that have an electronic ballast. If you're using it with a conventional fixture, we even include the LED starter you need to use!

Quick return on investment

A lifespan of 60,000 hours means that this LED tube will last around 16 years if it's on for 10 hours every day! Thanks to the better energy efficiency, you'll quickly earn back the initial cost of your purchase and continue saving money throughout its entire lifespan. For extra peace of mind, it's covered by an all-in warranty of 5 years too.

Beam angle of 200º

Fluorescent tubes distribute their light over 360º which means light is also directed upwards where it's not needed. This LED tube, on the other hand, has a beam angle of 200º. This means light is only directed downwards and to the sides where it's needed most.

Cool white - 4000K

This LED tube has a colour temperature of 4000K and emits a cool white light that helps to keep people focussed and alert. That's why this colour temperature is often chosen for use in offices.


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