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Phasing out HPL, SON-H and ML lamps

Phasing out HPL, SON-H and ML lamps


As result of the new regulations from the EU ( 245/2009 EU (Erp) and 2011/65 (RoHD) ) on april 13th 2015 there will be a phasing out of the HPL, SON-H and ML lamps due their inefficiency and environment unfriendly mercury.

Mercury was originally used for city and street lighting. However these days we have significant more eficient and economical sollutions that are more sustainable.

We would like to help you find a perfect solution for combining your lighting with the specifications of the Eu directives and other future challenges.



Unfortunately there is no 1 on 1 replacement. This means it will be neccesary to not only replace the lamp but also the ballast. For replacement you will have choice out of 3 series.

In the table below you can find your alternative for you old HPL, SON-H or MP lamp. If you have any questions please Ask the experts of our customer service and call +442036086378

HPL-N 80W/542 E27 SG 1SL/24
HPL-N 125W/542 E27 HG SLV/24
HPL-N 250W/542 E40 HG 1SL/12
HPL-N 400W/542 E40 HG 1SL/6
HPL 4 80W/634 E27 SG 1SL/24
HPL 4 125W/634 E27 SG 1SL/24
HPL 4 80W/642 E27 SG 1SL/24
HPL 4 125W/642 E27 SG 1SL/24
SON H 220W/220 E40 1SL/12
SON H 350W/220 E40 1SL/12
SON H 110W I E27 1CT/24