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Philips BR125 IR 250W E27 230-250V Red
Philips BR125 IR 250W E27 230-250V Red
13.58 11.32 excl. Tax incl. Tax

Philips BR125 IR 250W E27 230-250V Red

13.58 11.32 excl. Tax incl. Tax
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Specifications Philips BR125 IR 250W E27 230-250V Red

Description Philips BR125 IR 250W E27 230-250V Red

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Product description:

The Philips BR125 Industrial Heat IR 250w E27 230-250v Red is an infrared incandescent reflector lamp specifically designed for industrial applications due to the reinforced hard glass construction. As a result of this robust and shatter-proof design, these lamps are also safe for use in agricultural and food preparation environments.

These infrared heat lamps differ from traditional incandescent lamps in that 90% of the energy transmitted is generated as heat rather than light, meaning that these light bulbs are designed to produce direct, glare-free warmth to animals, people and food.

The BR125 shape of these lamps stands for bulged reflector. This shape provides a wide beam angle and a more gradual distribution of light, resulting in less glare due to the soft edge design, and producing less shadow. The sealed reflector helps to distribute concentrated warmth towards the front of the glass bulb, ensuring that heat is not lost through the back of the lamp. The red filter provides a gentle glow which reduces visual light emissions and prevents glare.

The universal E27 screw fit base means that this lamp can be used in conjunction with a variety of light fittings.


  • Agricultural: plant rearing, breeding and rearing of livestock and domestic animals, etc.
  • Animal care: veterinary clinics, pet shops and zoos, etc.
  • Food preparation: kitchens, food heating, cooker hoods and baking, etc.
  • General heating: bathrooms, space heating, drying, carbonising, melting, etc.


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Spent a lot of time looking for clear info on choosing lamps and then found any lamp; great info and prices.
I am suppriesed how simple was process of ordering, payment and delivery. Only complain I have is that first published price is different than price we paid. I understand that this is marketing trick "price start at XX" and this price is always price for 10 or more pieces. But do not need to do this way make clear expression of price for 1 piece and more with discount.

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