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Philips MASTERLine 111 G53 AR111

Philips MASTERLine 111 G53 AR111
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Description Philips MASTERLine 111 G53 AR111

Philips MASTERline 111

The Philips MASTERline 111 has a high energy efficiency and long lifetime; as a result of their unique burner technology, IRR coated reflector and anti glare cap. These bulbs provide a crisp, bright light and can be installed into a range of fixtures.

Philips MASTERline 111 Features

The Philips MASTERline 111 is low voltage (12V) halogen bulb, with an aluminum reflector of 111 mm. This lamp is a superior alternative to the Philips Aluline 111, and enables you to save more than 30% in your energy consumption. The MASTERline 111 has an excellent colour rendering index of 90-100Ra, which makes all colours appear as they should in the light. As these bulbs are low voltage, they require the use of a transformer.

The Philips MASTERline 111 has a G53 socket fitting, with a distance of 53mm between the pins.

  • Long lifetime: 4000 hours
  • Wattage: 30W, 45W or 60W
  • Color Temperature: 3000K (neutral white)
  • Dimmable
  • Beam angle: 8D & 24D (accent lighting) or 45D (general lighting)


The Philips MASTERline 111 has 40% less heat radiation than Aluline 111, therefore it is ideal for use in fixtures that do not have a glass front. These bulbs are intended for both general and accent lighting in places such as shops, galleries, exhibition areas and museums.

If you are looking for an LED alternative, you should consider the Philips LEDspotLV AR111 10-50W Dimmable (MASTER), which can replace a 50W Philips MASTERline 111.

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