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Phillips MHN-TD (MASTERColour) are quartz discharge lamps containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of dysprosium, holmium and thulium halides, with sodium and thallium added for colour correction and arc stabilisation. 

Using Philips MHN-TD bulbs

Philips MHN-TD bulbs can be used for various applications:

  • Indoors - accent lighting and general lighting in shops and shopping centres. As ell as downlighters, uplighters and wall-washers.
  • Outdoors - they can be used for floodlighting monuments, facades and billboards.
Due to there being higher quality Philips alternatives for MHN-TD bulbs, only stocks one type of MHN-TD bulb, which is:

For all other types we stock the alternatives.

Philips Alternatives:

Philips MHN-TD bulbs can be replaced without any problems by a higher quality model: the Philips CDM-TD

 Philips MHN-TD 70W 730 RX7s   =   Philips CDM-TD 70W 830 RX7s 
 Philips MHN-TD 70W 842 RX7s   =   Philips CDM-TD 70W 942 RX7s 
 Philips MHN-TD 150W 730 RX7s   =   Philips CDM-TD 150W 830 RX7s 
 Philips MHN-TD 150W 842 RX7s   =   Philips CDM-TD 150W 942 RX7s 

Buying Tips:

By opting for the alternatives you get a higher quality colour rendering!

Lifespan will be imporved from 8,000 hours to 16,000!

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