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Philips SDW-TG Mini (MASTER)

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Philips SDW-TG Mini 

Philips SDW-TG Mini  - Features

The Philips SDW-TG Mini are high-pressure sodium lamps that contain an aluminium oxide discharge tube, which is enclosed in a small clear glass outer envelope. These lamps emit a warm white light and have an excellent colour rendering of 80-90Ra, meaning colours will appear as they should in the light. The SDW-TG Mini  have a rapid ignition and a very stable light output throughout their entire lifetime. 

  • Socket fitting : GX12-1
  • Wattage and lumens: 50W (2400lm) and 100W (4900lm)
  • Colour temperature: 2500K - warm white light. 
  • Lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • UV protection: This prevents the discolouration of your items.


These bulbs are recommended for use in places such as shops (fashion or furniture), museums, galleries and offices. This is due to their excellent colour rendering and small compact shape, therefore they can fit into a range of decorative fixtures. If you are looking for a great output then choose the Philips SDW-TG Mini .