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Philips Xitanium LP 40W Driver (LED SOX) 230V 0.2-0.7A

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The Philips Xitanium LP 40W Driver (LED SOX) 230V 0.2-0.7A is specially made to replace gas discharge lamps. These gas discharge are phased out, because they use too much energy and contain mercury. This LED alternative will give you the best of both worlds: you save 75% on energy costs and these lamps do not contain mercury or other toxic material

You are also assured of a long lifetime ( hours) that will be about 15 years in an average business environment.

Apart from saving on energy costs, you will also prevent high replacement costs and the business processes will not be interrupted. This LED lamp has the same light colour as you are used to with your current gas discharge lamps: , also known as .

Gas discharge lamps are traditionally applied as street and industry lighting. Due to the long warranty of you are assured of decent lighting for a long period.

Installing the bulb is very easy

  • Switch the power off
  • Open the fixture and unscrew the old gas discharge lamp
  • Screw the new LED bulb in the fixture
  • Close the fixture
  • Switch on the power and immediately save 75% on energy costs


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