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Sylvania Lynx-D 10W 830 | Warm White - 2-Pin

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Specifications Sylvania Lynx-D 10W 830 | Warm White - 2-Pin

Description Sylvania Lynx-D 10W 830 | Warm White - 2-Pin

The Sylvania Lynx-D 10W 830 | Warm White - 2-Pin is the perfect alternative for a standard W PL or Dulux lamp that has 2 pins.

Always check the wattage and number of pins on your current CFL lamp when switching to an LED version. This 10W LED lamp replaces a conventional W lamp that has 2 pins. The lamp works with ballasts only. If you need more information about ballast compatibility, contact our customer service team. Thanks to LED technology, you can save up to 70% on energy costs compared to using standard PL or Dulux bulbs.

This product has a lifetime of 10000 hours. That means, in an average business environment, it will last approximately 12 years (52 weeks a year, 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday). By comparison, a standard PL or Dulux lamp only lasts 10,000 hours. For extra peace of mind, an all-in Any-Lamp.com warranty of 1 Year is included too.

This LED bulb has a colour temperature of 3000K - Warm White with a colour code of 830 - Warm White. It's suitable, therefore, for lighting spaces like hallways, public areas, hospitals and warehouses.

Installing the bulb is very easy:

  • Switch off the power
  • Remove the old PL or Dulux lamp from the fixture
  • Install the new LED bulb
  • Switch the power back on and start saving on energy costs!


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