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Sylvania Superia CMI-T G12

Description Sylvania Superia CMI-T G12

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Sylvania Superia CMI-T Philips Alternative Specifications

Philips has an exact alternative for the Sylvania Superia CMI-T bulbs, namely the Philips CDM-T range. These are compact discharge lamps that offer excellent colour stability and a bright light due to the ceramic burner technology it uses. They are ideally suited for lighting stores.

Using the Sylvania Superia CMI-T Philips Alternatives

When selecting the Philips alternative to the Sylvania Superia CMI-T bulbs, be sure to choose the same colour temperature if you were previously satisfied. The colour temperatures are the same across both brands making it easier to select the appropriate model.

The Philips alternatives are directly interchangable with the Sylvania CMI-T bulbs, however they offer a higher quality and durability compared to the Sylvania brand, which is why we offer the Philips CDM-T in place of them.

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