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Tip | Order LED lighting affordably with our Bright Choice products!

You think LED lighting is too expensive? Then you haven't spotted our affordable Bright Choice LED products yet! These, like any other LED product, reduce your energy costs significantly. Because let's face it, those costs have been skyrocketing ... Any-Lamp offers various Bright Choice LED bulbs and fixtures with a guarantee of up to 3 years. Don't wait any longer and take action regarding your energy bill!

EU ban on CFL EU ban on CFL

Important | Phasing out of conventional CFL bulbs

The EU has decided to take fluorescent lamps off the market because they contain too many hazardous substances - starting with conventional CFL bulbs. These will no longer be produced from 25 February 2023. For you, this means: Switch to more efficient LED CFL bulbs now!

EU ban on CFL EU ban on CFL

Quick Guide| Switch to LED with Noxion

Noxion have created a simple model for you to make the transition as smooth as possible. It only takes a few clicks to LEDify ! 


EU ban on CFL EU ban on CFL

News | Energy label A products

We have added in our assortment the most energy efficient light sources ever made. These innovative LED bulbs consume up to 50% less energy than standerd LED products, while lasting up to 50,000 hours! Discover the future of lighting!

Stock clearance sale - Last chance

Stock clearance at Any-Lamp. We want to make room in our warehouse for new improved products. Get mega discounts on LED light bulbs, fixtures and accessories. Up to 50% discount! 

Best price productsBest price products