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Which colour temperature for which room?

The arrival of LED lighting has ensured that light sources are nowadays available in many different colour temperatures. Therefore, it is not as obvious anymore which light colour should be used for your home or business. Every space has a different function. In general, the activities in a room determine which light colour is needed. When you are at work, you usually need more light than when you spend an evening at home with friends or family. With warm colour temperatures, it is mainly a matter of personal taste. These Kelvin values vary between 1800K and 3000K. In this blog, we will give you various guidelines about the light colour or range that is the most suitable for a particular space in your home or business.


living room color temperature


Which light colour should you use in which room?

You encounter lighting everywhere. Every home or business has various rooms that all need to be illuminated with a specific light colour. For your convenience, we have made an overview of the rooms in homes and various general areas in companies. This way you will know what the most suitable colour temperature is for rooms with themes such as receiving guests, relaxation, food preparation, sleeping, sanitary needs and work.


Good to know!

  • Multifunctional spaces, otherwise known as rooms in which various activities are carried out, can be illuminated with a mix of light colours. This can be done with different light sources or by using DimTone light bulbs!
  • Dimmable lighting provides various light modes of the light colour. Therefore, you can easily create the right atmosphere!


What is the most suitable colour temperature for reception areas and front desks?

Verlichting Ontvangstruimte / Receptie

Reception areas and front desks are places where visitors or (business) guests arrive. It is a place in which people are welcomed and companies immediately give a first impression. Therefore, a fresh and relaxed atmosphere fits perfectly within these areas. Depending on the amount of natural daylight, the colour temperatures very warm white (2700K) and warm white (3000K) are most suitable. With a diversity of LED lights sources you can perfectly illuminate the room and even match the lights to the design. With various fittings and shapes, (very) warm white LED lighting can be installed in every (designer) fixture.






LED Filament Bulbs

  • 2000 - 2700K.
  • Warm appearance.
  • Vintage character.
  • To be used as designer light or in fixtures.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • E27 or E14 fitting.



LED Track Lights

  • 2700 - 4000K.
  • Warm or fresh look.
  • General lighting; (very) wide beam angle.
  • Accent lighting; narrow or medium beam angle.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • IP20, IP40 and IP66.




What is the most suitable light colour for living rooms, dining rooms and recreation areas?

Verlichting Woonkamer

Living rooms and dining rooms are areas where you get together and socialize with friends and family. Just as recreational rooms provide the necessary relaxation for young and old. These rooms have one thing in common: they are spaces full of atmosphere. A cozy mood is easy to create with lighting that has a warm appearance. Therefore, the light colour very warm white (1800-2700K) is very suitable. Due to the diversity of activities that take place in these rooms (for example game evenings, drinks, dinners, film marathons or reading a book), these rooms are multifunctional. If you want to be able to adjust the atmosphere to the activity, then dimmable DimTone LED bulbs are a perfect solution. These light bulbs have not one, but several light colours that can also be dimmed! Moreover, very warm white LED light sources are available in various fittings. Therefore, LED lights are available for every (designer) fixture.


What is the most suitable colour temperature for kitchens and canteens?

Verlichting Keuken

Kitchens and canteens often have two functions. Food is prepared and food is eaten. Although the cooking area is a workplace, the dining area needs a certain amount of atmosphere. After all, during the lunch break at work or while eating a meal at home, you want to relax and / or socialize with family, friends or colleagues. Therefore, the colour temperature warm white (3000K) is a good compromise. If you would like a warmer appearance during breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can choose dimmable LED lighting or you can use a mix of light colours. The latter can be dealt with by complementing the general lighting with 2200 - 2700K LED bulbs. These can be placed in a (designer) fixture above the dining table. The same applies to the seating area in canteens.





LED Lights

  • 1800 - 4000K.
  • Warm or fresh look.
  • General lighting; beam angle >90°.
  • Accent lighting; beam angle <90°.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • Various fittings.
  • Various shapes.


LED Spotlights

  • 2700 - 4000K.
  • Warm or fresh look.
  • General lighting; (very) wide beam angle.
  • Accent lighting; narrow or medium beam angle.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • Tiltable is an option.
  • IP20, IP44, IP54 and IP65.




What is the most suitable light colour for bedrooms?

Verlichting Slaapkamer

The main function of a bedroom is sleeping. No surprise there. It is a place where you can relax, maybe even without being disturbed. Lighting doesn't play a role while sleeping, but it is important for other activities. You might watch TV or read a book. Moreover, you get dressed in this room. The light colours very warm white (2200-2700K) and warm white (3000K) are the most suitable for bedrooms. In general, people don’t prefer to wake up with too bright lighting. Therefore, warm white lighting can be perceived as too bright by some people. Because the colour preference of lighting in a bedroom differs for each person, dimmable LED lights or DimTone light bulbs are a smart solution. Of course you can also opt for various colour temperatures. In this case you can distinguish between general lighting and warmer mood lighting (for example with accent lighting or lamps on the bedside table).


What is the most suitable colour temperature for bathrooms and toilets areas?

Verlichting Badkamer / Toilet

For sanitary facilities, the light colour depends on what the space is used for. Toilets in homes, but also companies and catering establishments, are preferably illuminated with the colour temperature very warm white (2700K) or warm white (3000K). This also applies to the general lighting in bathrooms. Especially if you use these rooms in the evening or in the morning. After all, you don't want to be blinded by too bright lighting. For activities such as shaving, plucking eyebrows and applying make-up, it is better to use the light colour cool white (4000K). Cool white mirror lighting is a good option for this. Think of LED GU10 spots or LED GU5.3 spots that can easily be installed in the ceiling or in a mirror cabinet / mirror frame. This ensures that this cooler light colour is limited to the area where you perform these activities.





LED Downlights

  • 3000 - 4000K.
  • Warm or fresh look.
  • General lighting; (very) wide beam angle.
  • Accent lighting; medium beam angle.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • Recessed fixtures.
  • Surface mounted fixtures.


LED Panels

  • 3000 - 4000K.
  • Warm or fresh look.
  • General lighting.
  • UGR<19 for offices.
  • UGR<22 for general areas.
  • Dimmable is an option.
  • Recessed-, surface mounted and suspended fixtures.




What is the most suitable light colour for home workspaces and offices?

Verlichting Kantoor

In general, offices and home workplaces are areas where people need to concentrate. The light colour cool white (4000K) is known for its fresh appearance, which allows people to work actively and focused on their daily activities. Although there are various light sources and fixtures with a cool white light, it is recommended for offices to install cool white LED panels with UGR<19. The glare level of these LED panels is so low that people do not experience any light nuisance. This improves productivity in the workplace. To avoid light nuisance at home workplaces, it is advisable to choose lighting that shines downwards. Lighting with a light angle of 90°, such as cool white LED downlights, is a good fit. Accent lighting can be supplemented by your own desire. This applies to offices as well as home workplaces.


Note: There is no right or wrong answer, it is your space and personal choice. Always keep in mind what the main activities in a room are and what the main function of a room is.


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