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LEDvance Fixtures

The brand LEDVANCE has existed since 2016 and is one of the world's largest players in the lighting industry. Currently, the company has more than 9,000 employees, who are active in 120 different countries. The headquarters of LEDVANCE is located in the German city of Garching, close to Munich. LEDVANCE has the ambition to keep on growing with a wide range of innovative LED luminaires. The luminaires developed by LEDVANCE are characterized, among other things, by their high energy efficiency, high quality of light as well as easy installation. The portfolio of this successful German lighting brand offers precise lighting solutions that are suitable for almost any application. This includes office buildings, factories, department stores, shops, outdoor areas and parking facilities. Whilst designing new product series, LEDVANCE sets high standards when it comes to applying the latest LED technology. For example, the various LEDVANCE LED Panels are equipped with the best light quality and a lifespan up to 70,000 hours. Or what about the various LED Waterproof Fixtures. This powerful LED lighting is not only completely dust tolerant and waterproof (IP65 - IP67), but it is also extensively tested for resistance to ammonia.

Choose LED and start saving immediately

It is no secret that LED lighting has many advantages. And of course that also applies to LED lighting from LEDVANCE. Every space immediately receives an energy-efficient boost, where in some cases you can save up to 70%, compared to conventional lighting. Nowadays new requirements are set in various sectors in regard to LED lighting. Are you looking for a suitable LEDVANCE LED panel for a school or office? Then it must be equipped with a UGR <19 glare value according to European standards. In addition, new rules now apply for industry and agriculture. Also, for these sectors, LEDVANCE offers a range of suitable and innovative LED solutions. For illuminating buildings, sports fields, parks and construction sites you have a very wide choice of strong LEDVANCE LED Floodlights. There are also many possibilities in terms of product properties. This includes various types of color temperature, wattages and additional options, such as a motion sensor or emergency lighting. Additionally, LED lighting from LEDVANCE comes with up too 5-years of all-in warranty from Any-Lamp.



Choosing LED lighting from LEDVANCE via Any-Lamp not only results in lower costs when it comes to energy, replacement and maintenance. You also make a nice contribution to a better climate. Only together can we create a world in which sustainability is increasingly important. Will you join?