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G53 (AR111) LED Bulbs

G53 (AR111) light bulbs have long been an industry standard for use in accent lighting and track lighting in art galleries, museums and exhibitions. LED AR111 lamps are an extremely energy efficient alternative to traditional halogen G53 lamps. These specialist bulbs are low glare, offer superb beam control and contain high quality reflectors, making them ideal for use in display lighting. Impeccable colour rendering ensures artwork and products are presented at their absolute best to a high degree of colour accuracy. These superior quality LED spotlight bulbs produce no UV or IR light, ensuring no fading or heat damage to materials under the beam of the light. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and a potential energy saving of 85%, they are an easy, hassle-free replacement to halogen spotlights which will reduce your maintenance and energy expenses significantly.
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