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Fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs and halogen capsule bulbs have been phased out!

The EU has decided to gradually phase out various types of conventional lighting. Due to the amendment of the RoHS Directive, concerning the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs and halogen capsule bulbs may no longer be produced for the European market since February 2023. Our advice ... Switch to LED now and start saving energy costs immediately! LED lighting is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional light sources. We will gladly assist you in making the switch. 

Which steps can you already take?

1. Have a look at our webshop! You will find a wide range of energy-efficient LED bulbs, fixtures and accessoires.

2. Are you  not sure which LED lighting would fit best in certain environments and/or situations? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our lighting experts will gladly help you with professional advice and product recommendations.

3. Do you need lighting in large quantities? You can request a quotation (non-binding), after which we'll come back to you with a personalized offer. Switching to LED doesn't need to be expensive! 

4. Are you looking for the best lighting solution for your application area? We will gladly devise a lighting plan for you.

Don't wait any longer! Switch to LED now and save energy costs immediately

Whether you are an electrician or an installer, switching to LED is worthwhile for everyone! This modern lighting technology is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and saves a lot of money. Especially now that energy prices are skyrocketing, it makes perfect sense to switch! With LED bulbs and fixtures you can not only save on electricity and maintenance costs, but you also help to reduce CO2 emissions, since LED products are recyclable. Other advantages, compared to conventional lighting, are: a long service life, 100% instant light and you don't experience flickering or buzzing!


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Overview: The advantages of LED

  • Low energy consumption, which will save you up to 70% on your electricity costs.
  • Excellent colour rendering of at least 80-89 Ra.
  • Long service life, which means that the purchase price is quickly amortised.



  • Consistent light output thoughout the entire lifespan for both LED bulbs and LED fixtures.
  • No flickering lights or buzzing light sources.
  • Free of toxic substances, such as mercury. Therefore, making LED an environmental friendly solution.

We recommend: Noxion LED lighting

LED lighting from Noxion is not only efficient and durable, but it also offers a great price/quality ratio. Noxion offers a cost-effective LED alternative for almost all conventional light sources. Therefore, the switch to LED not only becomes more attractive, but also makes it quick and easy. It is not without reason that Noxion has been the fastest growing lighting brand in Europe for years. More and more companies are benefiting from the optimal performance of Noxion LED products in their everyday work. Will you join the club?

How can we help you switch to LED?

Are you unsure of which LED lighting you should use? Or have you already selected products, but you want to order a large quantity? Do not hesitate and contact our lighting experts. They will be gladly advise you and will not shy away from a challenge. We offer you custom advice, lighting plans and product recommendations. Do you often buy lighting in large quantities? Then register with us as a PRO customer! With a PRO account, you have a fixed contact person, you receive a discount on your orders and you benefit from many great promotions.