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About Any-lamp

With more than 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, Any-Lamp is Europe’s market leader in online lighting. We are committed to providing businesses and private customers with sustainable, affordable and energy efficient lighting solutions.

All our products are designed by top quality brands, such as Philips, Noxion and Osram to ensure the highest standards of efficiency, durability and safety.


Our Vision

Prevention is better than cure. Simple changes make a powerful impact. Let's change the world together.

Our office is located near Eindhoven, the city of light and home of leading companies such as Noxion and Philips, the lighting manufacturing company that made Eindhoven known worldwide. In few years we have grown from 25 to over 200 employees with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Taiwan. Since the beginning we have always strived to improve the quality of life by taking responsibility for our environment. As a result, we have helped our customers save 300.000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year!

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Our mission

Helping European companies to become greener with LED and smart lighting.

At Any-Lamp we believe that growth is only possible when we take responsibility for our planet. By switching to LEDs we will be able to dramatically reduce the overall use of energy and as a result the carbon dioxide emissions of industries and households.

LED lighting technology will help us give our personal contribution to reverse climate change and fight global warming due to not only its high energy efficiency, but also to its longevity and 100% recyclable materials.

Compared to traditional light sources, LED lights do not produce heat or harmful UV emissions, they are 100% mercury free, last up to 20 times longer and result in a lower overall annual electricity consumption with the same (or better) quality of light!

Working at Any-lamp

We have grown from a local company to a global player in the lighting market. When visiting us, you immediately feel an exciting and dynamic work atmosphere. Our eagerness and ambitions have resulted in an outstanding growth but we are constantly looking for new talents to push it to the next level. Are you the colleague we are looking for?